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Major Pests of Banana

Thrips: Thrips are tiny insects that are common pests in many crops, including bananas. They are barely visible to the naked eye and are difficult…

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Major Diseases of Banana

Yellow Sigatoka disease: Yellow Sigatoka disease is a serious fungal disease that affects banana plants, causing significant yield loss and economic damage to farmers. Yellow…

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Major Pests of Apple

Apple is one of the world's most important and widely cultivated fruits. However, there are several pests that can cause significant damage to apple trees…

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Major Diseases of Apple

Apple is one of the most popular fruits worldwide, and it is a significant source of revenue for farmers. However, there are several diseases that…

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Introduction Along  with aeroponics  and hydroponics, aquaponics is  also one of  the  soilless  cultures that  emphasize  production  of  vegetables and  fruits  with a symbiotic  relationship …

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Agricultural Economics in Cost of production

Agricultural Economics in Cost of production Introduction: A critical tool in economic research and a need for sound policy making is creating appropriate agriculture financial…

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Major Pests of Bitter Gourd

Fruit flies: Fruit flies are among the most common pests that affect bitter gourd crops. These tiny insects can cause significant damage to the fruits,…

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Major Diseases of bitter gourd

Downy mildew: Downy mildew is a common disease that affects bitter gourds, also known as bitter melon or Momordica charantia. This disease is caused by…

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Water resource management in rainfed agriculture

Introduction: Water resources have been undergoing changes due to population growth, urbanization and economic development. The issue of climate change adds a new dimension to…

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 Hydroponics and its types

Introduction to Hydroponic Farming :      Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. In this technique, the…

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How to protect crops from hailstorm

Introduction - Agricultural production in India is becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate variability and change characterized by altered frequency, timing and magnitude of precipitation and…

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How can agricultural policy make a difference to health in the areas of nutrition and food safety?

Support, through increased production and minimal processing, the availability and affordability of a diverse range of nutrient dense foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean…

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Challenges in Marketing the Perishable commodities

Introduction According to the Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET), India has wasted a whopping 16% of its fruits and vegetables every year…

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    Crop Residue Composting

Introduction Composting is a fascinating segment for converting generated on-farm waste materials into a productive resource. Crop residues are the non-economic plant parts that are…

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INTRODUCTION Agriculture is crucial for ensuring food, nutrition and livelihood securities for India. Indian agriculture had made significant progress in the past, but currently it…

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Ways of Carbon sequestration and challenges it face 

Introduction   Carbon Sequestration, is trapping of Carbon on earth crust i.e. in soil, ocean, plant or any geological formations. Nowadays there has been an increasing…

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  Bio Energy

INTRODUCTION  Bioenergy is one of many diverse resources available to help meet our demand for energy. It is a form of renewable energy that is…

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Agricultural Marketing and Challenges in agricultural produce

Introduction: Agriculture marketing is a branch of modern marketing that functions as a method for organising and controlling the worldwide production of agricultural goods, such…

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Management of Fall Armyworm In Maize

Introduction  :                  Fall armyworm is a most invasive pest native to America, it has invaded India and is now causing huge economic damage to…

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Agricultural Pollution and the Environment

Introduction: Modern agriculture has minimized many of the risks like Pest outbreaks, Droughts, Floods and Diseases, but new problems have emerged like pesticides, fertilizer runoff, …

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Punjab govt Ban moong in Cotton belts

In the Cotton growing belts of Punjab, Government has asked farmers not to grow Moong near cotton fields to prevent whitefly attacks. Punjab State Agriculture…

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Govt taking steps to check for fraud in organic farming certification

The Commerce Ministry has started putting in place new measures to fix problems with organic farming certification on the field. This involves auditing organic farming…

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Significant government schemes for farmers

Why Government Schemes are Necessary? Government schemes are necessary to provide better and sustainable livelihood to its citizens. Like any other sector, the agriculture sector…

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Karnataka Government announced ₹10,000 per hectare incentive to enhance minor millet production

The State Budget has announced an incentive of ₹10,000 per hectare to millet farmers under the Raithasiri scheme to promote expansion of cultivation area, increase…

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Centre’s paddy procurement crosses 700 LMT mark from over 96 lakh farmers

Over 96 lakh farmers have benefited from the ongoing KMS paddy procurement operations with an MSP outflow of Rs.145,845 crores with the transfer of payment…

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About outgrow and features

Outgrow provides a one stop farming solution for farmers. A part of WayCool Foods and Products Pvt. Ltd., we at Outgrow firmly believe that it is our moral responsibility to educate, enlighten and empower our farmers through the infusion of technology. Working with a base of over 200K farmers, we provide techniques and cutting edge technological solutions to aid farming.

Why Outgrow

Outgrow is an easy and intuitive app made in 6 languages that helps us connect with the Indian farmers locally across the 5 states viz. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra.  With a host of services like, Automated Soil Labs, Microclimatic Weather, Artificial Intelligence, Regeneration Farming and a larger Farmer Service Network, this app aids farmers to improve their productivity and reduce losses in the crop lifecycle management. We are in the pursuit of revolutionizing the agricultural landscape in India.


GWX Testimonial

A year ago I had installed the Outgrow GWX-100 device in my grape farm. After installing the device I have seen a lot of improvements in the field. This device helps me in planning my irrigation management. With the disease prediction feature, I am able to predict the disease and take necessary and timely action against it. I have seen a very good harvest this year after the installation of the device compared to the previous years.

Mr. Harshad Shinde


Soi Test Testimonial

Soil Testing is an integral part of soil management. With the help of soil testing and optimal soil health management,I have increased the yield of my tomatoes from 30 to 97.5 tonnes.
I suggest everyone to get your soil tested by Outgrow as their reports are very accurate.

Mr. Ravishankar

Madanahalli - Kolar

AI Disease Prediction Testimonial

I have been using the Outgrow App for the past 6 months. There is a Disease detection feature available in the App, this feature is very helpful for me. Whenever there are signs of a disease attack on my crops, I will click a picture and upload it on the app, the technology in the app will predict the diseases and give me the solution to that particular disease.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Farmer - Tamil Nadu

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